Making emotional connections through music

Maremil is a record label/promotions company  focuses on supporting and developing musical talent that inspires the soul. We provide artist an outlet to connect with the world...without having to sign your life away to do it.

​While specializing in blues, Americana and roots music Maremil supports and works with any genre that can motivate people to new heights.

Our Story

As artists ourselves, we  understand how important it is to have a Record label and business partner for credibility, guidance and support - even in this new indie world in which we live. Artist still need a catalyst to start their careers and that's where MarEmil comes in. MarEmil was started in 2017 to be a partner with Indie artist and provide that little extra help. MarEmil invests in their talent as a partner not as the "boss" and helps artist achieve their goals. Our efforts have resulted with  getting artist albums on the charts. MarEmil has also been active in putting on and promoting successful festivals, concerts and booking tours. 


More Coming Soon! 

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